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Sabian Carmine Appice limited edition ride cymbal

For 200 legends-to-be
For 200 legends-to-be

True, he did play in an ill-advised hair metal band in which he was the only brunette with a bunch of bottle blonds. Even so, Carmine Appice has had a long and illustrious, and now he has his own Sabian limited edition ride cymbal.

We kid Carmine, but that's only because his resume is so darned impressive: The Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Cactus, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Murder -- with his combination of R&B grooves, rudimentary chops and sheer power, the man has literally launched and defined genres. Which is why Sabian has bestowed upon him the limited edition Carmine Appice Rock Ride cymbal.

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This 22" medium-heavy ride is designed to sound like classic '60s cymbals. It has a dark tone, but one that cuts through like brighter cymbals do. To ensure that strokes don't get lost in a song, the Sabian ride cymbal has strong stick definition and a punchy bell.

Only 200 of these babies are available, so if you want to ride like Appice, don't wait. The list price is $769.00US. For more information, visit the official Sabian website.