Sabian adds Artisan hats to Vault collection

Sabian Artisan Vault hats
Sabian Artisan Vault hats

PRESS RELEASE: Following the recent introduction of 16" and 18" Artisan crashes to its Vault Collection, Sabian is pleased to debut Artisan hi-hats in 13", 14", and 15" sizes.

Consisting of a medium top and heavy bottom, these pairings feature high-density hand hammering with a touch of innovation to deliver a dry, dark and complex traditional tone with a touch more character and great sticking response.

The 14" pairing delivers a combination of soft, warm sticking and pedal response; the 13" set is tighter, more defined; and the 15-inch produces a bigger, deeper, slushier sound that makes it ideal for players seeking a fatter, funkier sound.

"Artisan Hats are traditional in every sense of the word, but we've enhanced their response with a touch of innovation," said Sabian master product specialist Mark Love. "The result is - like the Artisan ride and crashes - a soft sticking feel and a response that is deep, dark and funky, but with an edgy 'bite.' Funk, blues, jazz and groove drummers in general will find these have great tone and feel."

Vault Artisan Hats consist of a medium top and heavy bottom. They are hand crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, available in Natural or Brilliant Finish and quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

Sizes: 13" / 14" / 15"
Weight: Medium Top, Heavy Bottom
Finish: Natural (Brilliant is optional)
Metal: Sabian B20 Bronze
Hammering: Full-surface, high-density hand hammering and jumbo-peen radial dimpling
Lathing: Wide-Blade
Warranty: Two Years

Model # (add 'B' for Brilliant): 13" - A1302
14" - A1402
15" - A1502

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