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Rhythm Tech Pro tambourine

Shakin' all overrrrrr!
Shakin' all overrrrrr!

One doesn't normally think of a tambourine as being revolutionary. But back in 1980, when the original Rhythm Tech tambourine was introduced, it changed the way the instrument would look and feel. Since that time, it has remained the standard for musicians everywhere.

Now Rhythm Tech has updated the original, and the results are the stuff that jingle-jangle dreams are made of. The Rhythm Tech Pro has a redesigned handle -- it's closer to the center, allowing the player to grip and "drive" the instrument with less force. Plus, the layout of the jingles are different; they're grouped on the arc to react faster so that you can get more sound with less effort. And then there's the edge, which features a soft, Latex-free overmolded playing surface. We're talking unparalleled comfort for high-volume situations while allowing more subtle control for softer ones.

The new Rhythm Tech Pro is indeed a no-pain all-gain wonder. List price is $59.95 U.S. Bang on that.