Real drummers give Guitar Hero drums the thumbs up

Drum Hero: Chad Smith
Drum Hero: Chad Smith

Guitar Hero has always divided opinion over its musical merit (or lack of), and the addition of a drum kit for the forthcoming World Tour edition of the game has caused quite a stir among the gaming blogosphere. This is nothing new (Rock Band beat them to it), but when a game is endorsed by the likes of Stewart Copeland, Travis Barker and Chad Smith - we have to take notice.

We´re not sure how much they´re getting paid, but you can watch a video of the three drummers testing the kit controller with positive results. Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith even claims: “It´s as real as you can get for a video game - it´s really impressive. If it holds up to me beating on it should do pretty good”.

So with a kit that looks and feels like the real thing, should Guitar Hero World Tour be part of every practising drummers arsenal?

By Tom Porter