NAMM 2015: New Yamaha drum app launched

NAMM 2015: DTX502 Touch is a new iOS app to compliment their DTX502 series of electronic drums. The app lets the user control all the features of the DTX502 module using their iOS touch-screen when connected via USB.*

Yamaha say it provides easy sound editing and layering for each pad of any kit to create up to 50 custom user kits. Custom Click, Menu and Trigger settings can also be saved and all user data is backed up inside the app.

"Yamaha is way ahead of the curve by offering apps for our DXT502 and DTX400 series electronic drums," said Steven Fisher, marketing manager, Yamaha Drums, Yamaha Corporation of America. "By supporting users with an easy interface to customize their instrument, we offer enhanced value that only comes with Yamaha DTX products."

The app is available now from the iOs App Store.

*Depending on the iOS device used, these apps require a Yamaha iUX-1 cable or an Apple Camera Connection Kit with standard USB cable. A 30 Pin to Lightning adapter may also be necessary.

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