Meinl unveils new brushes and pads

New gear from cymbal and percussion giant
New gear from cymbal and percussion giant

Meinl has released a batch of new percussion brushes and an ingenious practice pad.

Up first is the Classic Cajon Brush. According to Meinl these 14 1/4" brushes create a very musical spread by delivering heavy, full strokes with a warm, slightly mellow attack. Cajons will come to life with these polymer-bristled brushes due to the thicker set of rippled polymer bristles. The wavy strands are key to developing a rich sound without overpowering.

Meinl goes on to say that the 13 1/3" Retractable Nylon Cajon Brush is ideal for players looking for a crisp sound. From light sweeping motions to full stroke backbeats, these brushes deliver definition, clarity, and cut. The heavy nylon wires are fully retractable into the lightweight grip.

The final of Meinl's percussion brushes is the Precision Cajon Brush. This 13 1/4" brush is fitted with heavy nylon wires and straight polymer bristles.

Meinl has also unveiled the 4" Kneepad. Aimed at drummers on the go, the pad aims to give sticksmen a quiet sound and realistic response.

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