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Los Cabos releases student percussion pack

Los Cabos percussion pack
Los Cabos percussion pack

PRESS RELEASE: A serious music student needs more than a good teacher; the proper instrument and tools are also necessary. For the drums and percussion student in your family, Los Cabos Drumsticks introduces the new percussion pack.

Consisting of one pair of General Tympani mallets, one pair of bell mallets, and one pair of Concert drumsticks, this pack is perfect for both the aspiring drummer and percussionist in the school band program, as well as the professional.

The Tympani mallets consist of a Canadian Maple handle and a medium - hard felt beater. At 15.75" in length, they offer good balance and sizing for all ages including adults.

The Bell mallets feature a 16" handle with a 1" Phenolic (hard plastic/resin) ball to bring out the bright tones.

The Concert series drumsticks are made from quality Canadian Maple and are 16 3/8 inches in length.

The whole package comes in a stylish black, zippered stick bag with the Los Cabos logo proudly displayed on the outside. This bag offers plenty of room for any additional sticks the student (or professional) may choose to add. The percussion package is very reasonably priced at only $52.00.

With all this, the only thing the serious student needs is more practice!

For more information, visit the Los Cabos Drumsticks' official site

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