Impress Rival Sons with your dance moves

Band invites routines for new track
Band invites routines for new track

Fans of Rival Sons can win a host of goodies - by impressing the band with their dance skills.

The band wants fans to put together a dance routine for new track Electric Man and submit said routine to YouTube.

Drummer Mike Miley explains: "I'm a rhythm man; I believe that music is meant to be felt in the body. I am totally in support and excited about people getting involved and displaying their feelings with an Electric Man dance routine. I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries. Dance as if no one is watching, except we will be."

The winning entry will receive a special prize package consisting of a Rival Sons Record Store Day 7" vinyl, a signed copy of the new album, Great Western Valkyrie upon its release and a Rival Sons T-shirt, plus tickets to the nearest show to you this year with a meet and greet (transport and accommodation not included).

For more details visit You can download Electric Man here. Rival Sons release Great Western Valkyrie on 10 June.

Rich Chamberlain

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