Gregg Bissonette switches to Dixon Drums

Session legend joins up with Dixon
Session legend joins up with Dixon

Dixon Drums have added Gregg Bissonette to their artist line-up.

Bissonette, famed for playing with the likes of Ringo Starr and David Lee Roth, will also serve as a clinician, ambassador, and product consultant for Dixon. This will include his input on the new Artisan Series Gregg Bissonette Signature kit.

"I've always had a great passion for drum gear and a fascination with the history of drums and drumming," says Bissonette. "I'm always eager to learn more about musical drumming and drum set vocabulary. I love the way drumming history and new vocabulary affects me as a player. With Dixon, I can contribute my experience as a whole to the growth and development of a brand committed to quality, sound and the art of drumming."

"Gregg Bissonette fits Dixon's vision and values like a glove," added Jim Uding, Dixon Brand Manager. "Gregg represents what drumming is all about and has something to offer anyone who picks up a pair of drumsticks. Gregg Bissonette is not only great for Dixon, he's good for drumming in general."

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