First look video: 2015 Zildjian FX cymbals

Effects cymbals are an acquired taste. For some they offer dashes of interest to an otherwise middle of the road palette. For others they are the antithesis of the old reliable hats, crashes and ride. Whatever your take, Zildjian's FX additions for 2015 offer the drummer some interesting sonic and visual options.

First of the new models are two China Trashes, 10" and 12", made from B20 Bronze alloy. These are the most everyday and playable of the effects here. They produce a quick, trashy accent that's somewhere between a splash and a mini china. They complement each other when played in quick succession.

The Zil-Bel is an old favourite of the heavy metal drummer, and the 7½" FX Volcano model is extremely thick and delivers a soft, pure and long ping.

The uniquely-styled Spiral Stackers are designed for stacking on top of crashes, rides and anything else you can think of. It's also possible to hang them from a stand. We place a 12" Spiral Stacker on top of our 17" crash and the resulting, trashy note ends almost immediately. There's a little sizzle dependent on where and how you hit it. The hung 10" model has more sustain and actually produces quite a pleasing note, although it's far more active and would be difficult to ride.

Watch our video to see how the cymbals perform in the flesh.

For a full review pick up issue 245 of Rhythm, on sale 28/07/15.