EcHo Custom Drums snares

DRUM EXPO 2013: EcHo Custom Snare Drums offer a variety of material options, including brass, copper, aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel.

Thicknesses range from 1.0mm up to 3mm and general snare drum size options are unlimited. Bearing edges are hand spun to approx 45 degrees ensuring perfect roundness of the drum shell, strength and rigidity and flatness of the shell rim, thus achieving a perfect fit into the shoulder of the drum head.

Seams are generally single welded, blended and dressed, limited seamless options. There are customised choices of hoops, including cast, triple flanged, wood and single flanged which are available in stainless steel and brass (with a new design in the development stages.) Customised choices of lugs, including tube, engineered and various cast options.

The snare beds are ressed out to ensure a definitive snare wire passage. Throw offs are trick in general, but lever arm and others are available. Finishes include bright brushed, polished, laquered and numerous excotic powder coated colour options.

Special feature options include hand hammered, circumferencial beading and engraved personal designs.

Heads are supplied by Evans, snare wires by Puresound. Other features include optional vents, EcHo's trademark badge and an optional personal nameplate. All drums are fully tested and tuned before leaving the factory.

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