Drum Expo 2014 coming tomorrow!

Travis Barker is among the huge names that are part of Drum Expo 2014
Travis Barker is among the huge names that are part of Drum Expo 2014

Drum Expo 2014 launches right here tomorrow, and you're in for one hell of a treat.

The great and the good of the drum world will be coming to you over the two day extravaganza.

We will have interviews with Travis Barker, Mike Mangini, Neil Peart Brent Fitz, Tony Royster jr, Tommy Lee and many more.

Vinnie Paul will tell you all about his six favourite beats and give tips on how to play them and we have an exclusive video lesson form Architects' Dan Searle. Plus, they'll be plenty of lessons on topics such as 'building a drum solo', '10 must-know drum fills', 'the moeller method', '20-minute pad workout for beginners', 'creativity with drum sounds', 'Jeff Porcaro licks and grooves', and much more.

And it doesn't end there, we'll also have a ton of gear thanks to booths from a host of top names. Drum Expo kicks off right here on 20 August.

Rich Chamberlain

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