Dreadbox’s Medusa synth comes with a Polyend-powered sequencer


Dreadbox’s Medusa was initially teased last summer, and was billed as a 3-VCO analogue monosynth with Eurorack compatibility. It was supposed to be released in December, but never arrived. However, the instrument has now been reshaped somewhat to include a 8x8 bank of pads, and is scheduled to ship in May.

Medusa is a collaboration with Polyend, creator of the Seq step sequencer. In a statement on Facebook, Dreadbox says that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” presumably a reference to the fact that this is designed to be more than just a synth with a sequencer bolted onto it.

That’s the extent of the information we have so far; keep an eye on the Dreadbox website for more.