Urbanears Zinken DJ headphones

Known for the trendy, colourful collections, although popular amongst music-listeners, Urbanears had yet to enter the professional DJ headphones market. Now with the release of their flagship Zinken cans they have added DJ friendly features alongside the usual rainbow of available colours, hoping to create an interest from aspiring and professional DJs.

Ear cups that move about (although not fully reversible housing) are a nice touch as is the 6.3mm(1/4 inch) and 3.5mm in reversible lead, allowing both sharing of a headphone signal and use of the headphones in both small MP3 player jacks and larger 1/4 inch jacks found on DJ mixers. The Zinken left ear cap features a 6.3mm (1/4 inch) socket, and the right, a 3.5mm socket - simply unplug the TurnCable and switch it around to always have a compatible connector for use with a phone or mp3 player, or for a mixer in a professional DJ environment. There's still the lifestyle touch of hands-free for operating phones and the usual Urbanears one colour matt-finish.

We've spent a little bit of time with them already and are definitely impressed at the quality here. They wont be everyone's cup of tea for actual DJ use, but they sound great and are comfortable for lengthy listening sessions. Worth checking out.Priced at £120 from urbanoutfitters.com