Serato announces Serato DJ

Serato has announced details of Serato DJ, the successor to the company's controller-focused digital DJ application ITCH.

Notable features include a new effects section powered by iZotope, extra available loops and cue points (up to 8), and a new interface - although no screenshots have yet been released.

For the first time with a Serato product, Serato DJ will also be opened up to MIDI mapping - although for now this seems to be limited to secondary controllers, allowing users to add an additional hardware controller to their setup, but a Serato endorsed unit will still be required for primary control.

There is also now an upgrade path available for users of Serato DJ Intro - something that has been sorely missed in the past - priced at $199.

Serato DJ is set for release 1 November, the Pioneer DDJ-SX, also announced today, will be the first native controller for the software.

More details at Serato's site.

Si Truss

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