Numark unveils NDX500 USB/CD DJ player and controller

Numark's NDX500 can play music from both CD and USB flash drive.
Numark's NDX500 can play music from both CD and USB flash drive.

Capable of being used a self-contained media player or a USB audio interface and MIDI controller, the NDX500 is the latest DJing device from Numark.

This can play tracks from CD, USB flash drive and - when it's hooked up to a Mac or PC - your computer. The CD player features Numark's Anti-Shock technology, which is designed to keep the music flowing even if your disc skips.

The scratch-wheel, meanwhile, is touch sensitive and, when used as a MIDI controller, the NDX500 promises to offer an "unprecedented" level of control with just about any DJing software (there's custom controller mapping for Serato DJ).

"The NDX500 is a powerful and versatile solution for the DJ in search of quality and capability," says Karl Detken, Director of Marketing, Numark. "NDX500 allows users to move to the controller world while still offering thumb drive and CD playback support. You truly get the best of both worlds, controlled by our industry-leading jog wheels and extensive audio manipulation features."

Check out the NDX500's feature highlights below - you can find out more on the Numark website. The NDX500 is expected to retail for around $249 when it goes on sale in the Autumn.

Numark NDX500 highlights

  • Control DJ software and play music from USB flash drives, CDs, or MP3 CDs
  • Built-in USB computer audio interface for playing back music from a Mac or PC
  • Touch-sensitive scratch and search wheel for unprecedented control
  • USB-MIDI offers a single-cable connection for controller DJ software
  • Auto BPM with tap override for instant tempo analysis
  • Start/stop time adjustment for vinyl-style braking
  • Three hot cues for quick access to key points
  • Seamless looping with stutter start for easy loop creation and integration
  • Pitch tracks up or down by up to 100%
  • Master Tempo preserves the beat while pitch-shifting
  • Numark Anti-ShockTM buffered skip-protection technology
  • Text display for quickly and easily navigating media files
  • Pre-mapped for deep integration with Serato DJ
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