Numark NS7 II DJ controller now shipping

Numark has announced that its updated NS7 DJ controller, which was first announced at NAMM 2013, is now available to order.

The NS7 II is a four-channel Serato DJ controller with a built-in audio interface and mixer. The new unit features 16 backlit MPC-style pads (designed by Akai,) that can be used for cueing tracks, creating loops, beat slicing and on-the-fly sampling.

The most interesting of the NS7 II's new features, however, is it touch-sensitive filter, gain and EQ rotaries, which can effectively be used like kill switches just by releasing the control itself.

As with its predecessor, the NS7 II features fully motorised jog wheels and Numark's Strip Search virtual needle drop technology.

The NS7 II is shipping now, priced at €1199/$1499.95/£999. For full spec details visit Numark.

Si Truss

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