Faderfox unveils DJ44 'travel-controller' for Traktor

German controller brand Faderfox has unveiled the DJ44 - a new two-channel DJ controller that comes built into its own rugged aluminium travel case.

The first of a new Solid Control range from the company, the controller is designed to get the most out of Traktor's mixer, effects and remix decks, but also comes with pre-built mappings for Ableton Live. The unit is able to control up to four decks, with plenty of rugged-looking rotaries along with a pair of faders, a cross fader, and two banks of ten buttons for launching cue points, one shots and samples.

Faderfox describe the controller as "an absolutely ergonomic instrument to rock the dancefloor." It certainly appears that the company have done an impressive job of packing a lot of well-sized and visually clear controls onto the DJ44's relatively compact surface.

The DJ44 is available now priced at €499. For full spec details and more info check out the Faderfox official site.

Si Truss

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