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Designer of Korg’s MS-20 to lead Behringer’s new synth innovation centre in Japan

Behringer Hiroaki Nishijima
(Image credit: Behringer)

In a significant statement of intent, Behringer has announced that it’s hired Hiroaki Nishijima, designer of the original Korg MS-20, to lead its new synth development centre in Japan.

In a statement on Facebook, Behringer says that its vision is to build a large research and development centre in Tokyo where talented Japanese engineers will focus on creating flagship synths, samplers and other innovations.

“Over the past few years I have watched Behringer deliver high-quality synthesizers and pursue a very strong mission to deliver impressive instruments to musicians around the world,” says Hiroaki Nishijima. “I reached out to Uli Behringer because I wanted to be part of his mission and help Behringer design world-class musical instruments. This is my dream, too.”

“These days, it’s difficult for current Japanese companies to create the types of synths that I used to develop,” he continues. “This is why I joined Behringer because my ambition to create professional analog synthesizers coincides with Uli Behringer’s love of musical instruments and with that I’m very excited to see what we can dream up.”

These days, it’s difficult for current Japanese companies to create the types of synths that I used to develop.

Hiroaki Nishijima

The news that Behringer is looking to sign up some of Japan’s top synth design talent may raise eyebrows at the likes of Korg and Roland, with company founder Uli Behringer talking bullishly about his future plans.

“Behringer is on a mission to bring back classic synthesizers as well as design completely new instruments and make them available at prices everyone can afford,” he says. “We at Behringer believe that everyone should have access to the amazing synthesizers and sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s.”

Uli Behringer says that he’s looking to recruit experience synth designers from all over the world, asking them to contact him directly if they wish to join his “mission”.

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