Design your own delays with Stream delay sequencer plugin from Sinevibes

Sinevibes has announced Stream, a delay sequencer AU plugin for Mac, which allows you to design your own feedback with 32 individual delay taps.

The plugin is essentially a “delay that looks like a sequencer and a sequencer that works like a delay.” 

Each of the 32 taps is routed to its own filter, with dedicated pan and volume controls. Modern and vintage modes allow you to choose between two different sound characters.

With the time multiple control, you’re effectively able to turn the delay into a sampler loop, with the option to adjust the speed of the whole delay sequence up to four times. So anything precisely rhythmic or organically chaotic is possible.

Stream is AU compatible (Mac-only) and available now for $49 from the Sinevibes website.

Stream specs

  • Up to 32 sequential delay taps, with global time multiply feature (1/4x to 4x)
  • Each tap has its own individual time, low-pass or high-pass filter, level and pan
  • Delay feedback includes gradual (per tap) and stepped (per round) modes
  • Selectable modern or vintage interpolation for two distinct sound characters
  • Built-in LFO for time modulation, with even-odd polarity inversion and stereo phase offset
  • Multiple utility functions for individual or global tap parameter shifting and looping
  • Color-coded graphics with subtle animations
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for retina screen resolution
Simon Arblaster
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