ddrum announces Vinnie Paul signature drum triggers

ddrum Vinnie Paul Triggers
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At the time of his death in 2018, Vinnie Paul had been playing ddrum acoustic kits for a decade, and while he preferred the organic sound of his kit in the studio, Vinnie regularly used triggers to bolster his live sound against walls of heavy guitars and bass. Now, for 2022, triggering pioneer ddrum has announced the release of its new Vinnie Paul signature series drum triggers.

With a metal chassis and form similar to ddrum's Acoustic Pro range, the Vinnie Paul series triggers are finished in satin black, with a white Vinnie Paul logo and signature graphic. ddrum says that they feature improved transducers for increased sensitivity, with an updated wiring harness and staple ddrum XLR output.

The triggers are offered individually - with dual-zone snare, single-zone tom and single-zone kick models - or as a six-piece Tour Pack comprising snare, 3x tom and a pair of kick triggers as well as a Y-cable for the snare triggers, 5x ddrum 6999 XLR cables, and a foam-lined hard shell case.

"I’ve learned over the years that nothing beats the sound of triggered drums mixed with real tones coming out of a PA system." Vinnie told Modern Drummer in 2010. 

"I still like the top end of the real drums because it’s so much more real sounding then if you use just triggered sounds by themselves. Those can sound like a computer: “dat, dat, dat, dat, dat.”  

The ddrum Vinnie Paul Triggers have an MSRP price of $79 (tom trigger) and $109 (snare and kick triggers), or $699 for the Vinnie Paul Trigger Tour Pack. However, we're expecting street prices to be in line with ddrum's current listed prices of $59/$79/$499 respectively.   

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