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Dave Grohl writes theme tune for 10-year-old drum battle opponent, Nandi Bushell

After conceding defeat in the first round of their recent drum battle, Dave Grohl has prompted a second round with his 10-year-old opponent, Nandi BushelL by penning a theme tune in her honour.

In a video posted to Foo Fighters' social media accounts, Grohl said, "Ok Nandi, you got me. You win round one. But I've got something special for you, something you've never heard before - something I've never heard before. Because I'm about to write this, off the top of my head for you." before launching into the song.

Grohl enlisted the help of his daughters - The Grohlettes - on backing vocals, while he took care of the drums, guitar, bass and lead vocals.

Nandi Bushell has reacted to the song by agreeing to cover it, playing all of the instruments herself.