D16 goes deeper into space modulated reverb with Toraverb 2

Having made its debut back in 2009, D16’s Toraverb ‘space modulated reverb’ has now been updated to version 2. This adds a range of new features that are designed to improve the user experience and give you more control.

To kick things off, there’s now a pre-delay with optional host tempo sync, while the modulation of the diffusion network can be independently controlled for the early and late reflections. There’s now controllable crosstalk in the early reflections’ network, and three different EQ curves for the early and late reflections’ parametric EQs. What’s more, the early and late reflections’ mixer now has controllable stereo balance.

Other feature additions include a wet signal ducker that’s controlled with the dry signal, adjustable FX crossfade characteristics, a tag-based preset browser, a choice of two GUI sizes and MIDI learn throughout.

If you’re a Toraverb 1 user or an existing D16 customer, you’ll be emailed with a special offer on the new plugin; if you want to buy it new it’ll cost you €49 (this price will rise to €69 on 3 November). There’s also a demo - Toraverb 2 is available in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac.

Ben Rogerson

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