Cory Wong is the latest guitarist to get a signature Neural DSP Archetype plugin

Neural DSP's signature Archetype series is becoming a must-try series for players who appreciate plugins for the source of their recording tones. Packs for Plini, Adam Nolly Getgood and Tosin Abasi have won plaudits far and wide, now a modern funk hero is getting the treatment with Archetype: Cory Wong.

The Vulfpeck, Fearless Flyers and solo guitarist's plugin aims for versatility for any player looking for clean and edge-of-break-up tonal excellence via Mac or PC.

The three guitar amp models of offers are D.I Funk Console, The Clean Machine and The Amp Snob.

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The D.I Funk Console is based on an analogue channel strip and aims to recreate the lauded “bubble tone” sought by funkateers. It features compressor Tube Saturation,  selectable frequencies on the EQ section, High Pass and Low Pass filters and unsurprisingly, it's designed to work without a cab model.

The Clean Machine is tantalisingly described as "an amalgamation of the best clean amps in the industry"  to deliver "crisp, clean tones with a beautifully warm top end."

The Amp Snob's name has out tonehound snouts primed and "a model of one of the rarest amplifiers in history" - we're thinking Dumble

While you'll get crystal clean in lower gain settings, you can take things to the edge of breakup tone by cranking with the master volume. "The tube power amp will soften high transients and round up the sound of boosters," says Neural, "complimented with a great bottom end and dynamic response."

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Pre-effects include The Postal Service: A complex envelope filter with a simple user interface, 4th Position Compressor for Cory’s signature sound, modded booster The Tuber and The Big Rig Overdrive.

Post-effects are the analogue-flavoured Delay-y-y and reverb The Wash.

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