Guitar virtuoso Plini and Neural DSP release amp modelling plugin

Australian guitar phenomenon Plini has teamed up with audio boffins Neural DSP to produce Archetype: Plini.

The plugin - out now for €119 and with a free 14-day trial - models three all-new amps using Neural DSP's well-regarded proprietary methods.


Kicking things off, there's a classic overdrive/boost pedal in front of the virtual amps, as well as a Solid State inspired compressor. 

Each of the trio of heads is then followed by its own 9-band graphic equalizer, while the cabinet captures themselves were produced by ML Sound Lab and feature 6 freely movable mics.

Finally, last in the signal chain is the Time Effects section, featuring a tape delay algorithm modeled using neural networks for vintage warmth, and a multidimensional reverb algorithm.

Plini: Archetype is out now. For more details and to download a trial version head over to Neural DSP's site.

Will Groves

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