It’s the VERY special issue 300 of Computer Music and the best giveaway ever!

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In the latest Computer Music (Autumn 2021), we are pulling the stops out as it’s our 300th issue! So we have a complete free DAW bundle in the form of Tracktion Waveform Free plus a synth and sound pack to go with it worth $80!

Then there's a special Sample Sensation giveaway as we’re also throwing in over 10,000 samples on the cover DVD! There are 17 packs of the best samples we’ve ever given away with everything from metal guitars to intricate percussion grooves, blockbuster cinematic sounds to dance loops in a multitude of genres.

Make a track now!

Also in the new issue of Computer Music is a massive, in-depth guide on how to make a track from scratch with the free Tracktion DAW and instrument that we’re giving away, so that’s everything you need to make a track today! We cover everything including setting up the DAW, arranging, mixing and mastering a tune, so even if you are completely new to music production you will be making great tunes in no time.

Other 300th issue highlights!

Also in this landmark issue, we celebrate by looking back at how we made music at the very start of our journey, the milestone developments since issue 1 and some predictions for the future of music production. We’ve also gathered the best advice together from 300 issues of Producer Masterclasses with top tips from some of the biggest names in music, including Matrix & Futurebound, Kevin Saunderson, Gorgon City, Krust, Metrik, Sub Focus and many, many more. 

Make music now!

Also in the Autumn 2021 issue, we have three amazing Expert Guides covering various key areas of music production. Dave Gale’s Synth Masterclass deals with different pad creation using the mighty free CM Plugin Suite – which is, of course, also free with the magazine. The Audiotent experts cover creative arpeggiations while Niall from Mode Audio reveals how to get more human with your machine beats.

People and gear!

Paul Oakenfold is our special issue 300 guest and chats about gear and what it’s been like being the world’s biggest DJ for the last three decades. Top US producer QRTR – aka Meagan Rodriguez – explains the tech behind her acclaimed music and DJ sets. There’s plenty more technology on our test bench too as we review the latest software releases including Best Service’s Forest Kingdom 3, Steinberg’s SpectraLayers Pro 8, Baby Audio’s Smooth Operator and KV331’s Synthmaster for iOS

The 300th issue of Computer Music is certainly not one to be missed!

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Get over 70 FREE plugin instruments and effects…
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