Computer Music issue 246 readers get a FREE VST/AU Reverb worth $49

We're incredibly proud of the many exclusive special edition instruments and effects in our CM Plugins suite, but what most excites us is when we get the opportunity to add a full, unmodified retail release to the list.

Available to buy for $49, but yours for free with issue 246 of Computer Music, Ignite VST's Areena is an algorithmic reverb plugin (VST/AU) for Mac and PC, with a refreshingly simple control set and a rich, characterful sound.


  • AU/VST 64-bit plugin
  • Plate and Room algorithms for varied spatial characteristics
  • Reverb Size dial to set the decay length and artificial response size
  • Predelay increases the gap between the initial sound and its reflections
  • Bandwidth control to reduce high frequencies
  • Stereo Width parameter can monoise or narrow the reverb signal
  • Damping control to reduce the decay rate of high frequencies
  • Modulation smears the pitch of the reverb using a fixed LFO
  • Dry/Wet Mix to blend Areena signal or run on a send at fully wet

If you love Areena's impressive and deep sound, head to the Ignite VST website, where you'll find their other plugins, including their Heat Up 2 workstation and 808 Studio, as well as soundpacks and construction kits.

Areena is available for free with issue 246 of Computer Music magazine.

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