Can Singdaptive help you sing better?

It’s easy to find guitar tips or songwriting guides online, but vocal training is a lot harder to get right, requiring a very tailored approach based on each person. Singdaptive, a new online learning platform for singers, aims to make it work with new features to keep its users engaged.

A Singdaptive subscription, priced at $24.99/mo or $249/year, gives you access to over 200 lessons, and adds practice tracking, journalling and quizzes to keep you engaged. All this is available on your phone or desktop machine.

Singdaptive has fine-tuned its the curriculum with some professional help, too. “Over 500 singers participated in testing the SingerPathTM survey, helping to ensure that its learning recommendations truly connected with real life singing situations. 

A wide-ranging curriculum was then developed, bringing together both academic instructors as well as Music Industry professionals to create new, targeted learning content made by singers, for all musicians.”

You can sign up to Singdaptive and start your free trial from the Singdaptive website.