Cableguys’ new ReverbShaper plugin can set amazing spaces in motion, and the company’s ShaperBox 3 sale makes it a Black Friday bargain

You almost know what you’re going to get with Cableguys’ new ReverbShaper plugin before you even look at it: a powerful space maker that can make your music move as you apply drawable LFO shapes and envelope followers.

Which isn’t meant as a criticism. This latest addition to the company’s ShaperBox 3 bundle seems destined to become just as popular as its stablemates, and thanks to a Black Friday sale, now’s a great time to get the whole lot of them.

Before we get to that, we should tell you that ReverbShaper comes with 120 unique spaces, all of which can be set in motion with those aforementioned drawable LFOs. What’s more, the presence of the envelope follower means that your reverb responds to dynamics - create instant ducked reverb or use it like a gate to control what gets sent to the reverb. If you want to get really clever, it’s even possible to trigger custom LFO curves from transients.

Other features include a Clear Tails mode, which resets the reverb every time the LFO reaches its minimum point, and multiband control.

ReverbShaper runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and is available now priced at $39/€39. However, the better deal is the ShaperBox 3 Bundle, which is currently on sale for just $89/€89 and includes not only ReverbShaper but nine other Shapers as well.

Find out more on the Cableguys website.


Get Cableguys ShaperBox 3 for just $89/€89
Featuring the all-new ReverbShaper, the all-conquering ShaperBox 3 bundle can currently be had for a bargain price.

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