Build the channel strip of your dreams with PSP’s InfiniStrip plugin

PSP Audioware has been responsible for some great analogue-emulating processors, but never all in the same place, as is the case with its new VST/AU/AAX plugin. InfiniStrip lets you stack 22 processors into seven slots to dial in the sound you need.

Module options include preamps, filters, compressors, limiters, and EQs, as well as a master controller, de-esser, and de-hummer modules.

(Image credit: PSP Audioware)

You can switch out similar modules at the top of each unit, swapping an 80s preamp for a 60s preamp, for example. When you do this, parameters remain the same, meaning that you won’t have to dial in your settings once again when experimenting with new models of the same effect.

Different view modes range from freely resizeable to ‘mini’, which has you focusing on one processor at a time.

InfiniStrip (VST/AU/AAX) is available now for an introductory discount of $129, rising to $149 on May 10th and then to the regular price of $199. You can find out more on the PSP Audioware website.