AmpliTube 5 users can now nail Brian May’s Another World guitar tones for free

IK Multimedia has been kind to the Queen and Brian May super fan over the years, with its amp modelling and effects software platform AmpliTube collaborating with the rock icon on a comprehensive range of guitar amp, cabinet and effects models. 

But there’s more, with today the announcement that presets capturing the electric guitar tones from the Queen guitarist’s recently reissued Another World solo album have been released on ToneNET – the preset-sharing community for AmpliTube 5 users.

AmpliTube Brian May Review

AmpliTube Brian May

(Image credit: Future / Olly Curtis)

• IK Multimedia AmpliTube Brian May: There is no easier, more affordable or more convenient option for the Queen fan to nail Brian May's tones.

ToneNET is a relatively new but fast-growing platform. If you are an AmpliTube 5 user, you can access over 1,500 presets for free. Not all will come with the imprimatur of one of rocks bona fide greats, but when navigating the expansive AmpliTube feature set they do come in handy.

You can check out the Brian May Another World tone presets in the demo video above.

How do they compare? Well, Another World is out now via Virgin. For more on AmpliTube 5, head over to IK Multimedia.

Jonathan Horsley

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