Brainworx unleashes its first virtual synth, the bx_oberhausen, and it's polyphonic

Brainworx has announced the BX_Oberhausen, a faithful recreation of the Oberheim SEM and they’ve gone the extra mile adding 32-voice polyphony to this version.

The plugin synth is also the first virtual instrument from the German developer and it believes that the bx_oberhausen “is the most powerful recreation of a legend to date.”

It has also included the same Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) that was used on its Solid State Logic-approved bx_console SSL 4000 E and bx_console SSL 4000 G channel strips.

According to Brainworx, the plugin’s voices can be combined in a Unison mode that utilises the TMT feature for an “authentic analog sound simply unrivalled by any other virtual instruments.”

Brainworx has also dropped in its Mid/Side (M/S) tech. Which it reassures us, further facilitates the synth uniqueness and allows users to select a part of the sound to pass through the filter section, while the rest doesn’t.

Bx_oberhausen also comes with its own set of effects modules, including brands such as Maag, among others.

The plugin is available now in VST, NKS, AU and AAX formats for Mac and PC, at the introductory price of $179 (normally $249). YOu can purchase and download a free trial from Plugin Alliance and more details can be found on the Brainworx website.

bx_oberhausen features

  • Full analogue modelling with full polyphony up to 32 voices
  • TMT inside: Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) to accurately replicate individual component variations specified by the manufacturer
  • Unison: Combine your voices to a powerful unison mode. Together with the unique TMT feature, Unison generates a rich, complex and analog sound unparalleled by any other virtual instrument
  • M/S Technology: Create subtle effects like solid bass foundation as well as crazy stereo processing with M/S Technology
  • Modulation Matrix: The extensive Modulation Matrix gives you a whole dimension of sound design possibilities
  • Effect section: small versions of effects products proudly carrying the Brainworx brand – including the infamous Mäag AIR BAND
  • FM: We push the boundaries of achievable sounds by adding Frequency Modulation to an analog synth classic
  • The arpeggiator comes with all functions you would expect from it - including an adjustable "swing" parameter
  • In-Plugin Preset Management with NKS support
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