Boss unveils the Pocket GT – a multi-effects unit the size of a smartphone, packed with tones and practice tools

(Image credit: Boss)

Boss has unveiled its most compact GT unit yet – the Pocket GT, a quite-literally pocket-sized amp modeller and multi-effects unit with a YouTube Integrated Learning function among its many, many features to improve your practice sessions.

The Pocket GT taps into Boss's Tone Studio app to incorporate a YouTube browser, offering you a hefty complement of tools to shape your tone. All in, there are over 100 amp models and effects to choose from – as anyone who has dabbled with Boss's superlative Katana series of amplifier can attest to, that opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Guitarists can create YouTube playlists for instant recall and there is a loop function for really drilling down on one awkward phrase that's just killing you.

(Image credit: Boss)

Tone-wise, the Pocket GT will perform similarly transformative things to your guitar tone. It utilises the same sound engine as the GT-1, and comes loaded with 99 user presets, which you can of course edit and replace as you game out a library of your favourite go-to tones.

This being 2020, the Pocket GT has all mod cons when it comes to connectivity. Stream music from Bluetooth to the device and play along – plus there is an aux-in if you want to do this old-school.

You can also use the Pocket GT as an audio interface for sending your guitar genius to your DAW. The usual updates and tone ephemera can be downloaded at BOSS Tone Central.

The Pocket GT is priced $249.99 and expect it to show up in your local guitar store in late September or October.

Jonathan Horsley

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