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Boss DR-01S: bad news for bongo players

Boss has revealed the DR-01S Rhythm Partner, a beatbox made to produce 'organic' percussion accompaniment for acoustic players.

The DR-01S is being pitched in opposition to "rhythm machines used by electronic musicians and DJs"; designed with battery-powered portability and ease of use in mind, its preset grooves are described as tasteful and versatile. Also, it's brown.

Groove and pre-set layering is deliberately simple too, with one-touch instrument addition or removal. Any combined beats that you're particularly happy with can then be saved in up to 50 recall slots.

The onboard sounds themselves are obviously heavy on the shakers, maracas, tambourines, congas, bongos, bells, cajon, et al, but there is in fact a full drum kit hidden within the DR-01S, including - whisper it - electronic sounds. 

We're awaiting confirmation of a price and will update you as soon as we get that info. In the meantime, for full specifications, check out the DR-01S site.