Blackstar and Gordon Smith/Auden go their separate ways

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The Music Industry Association has reported that Blackstar Amplification and Gordon Smith/Auden have "demerged" their respective businesses.

The two British companies, who had been operating together since 2017, maintain that they are willing to collaborate on future ventures where their interests align. 

The Blackstar/GSA alliance has been a successful one, with Blackstar continuing its forward march, taking a leap forward for digital amp technology with its Silverline Series, while GSA has maintained its reputation for quality, with guitars such as the Gordon Smith GS1000 Special Edition cementing the brand's reputation for classic-inspired instruments with a whiff of the boutique about them.

Where this leaves the two companies remains to be seen but both parties have spoken about focusing on their core businesses.

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Speaking to MIA, Blackstar's managing director Ian Robinson saluted the partnership. 

”Since we got together in 2017, it has been a pleasure to work with Doug and the team at GSA," he said. ”Having achieved many of our original goals, it now feels like the right time for the companies to go our own ways. This will allow maximum focus in our respective core businesses.”

Doug Sparkes, managing director of Gordon Smith/Auden, said the partnerships left his brand in a good position. “It’s been an positive journey working with the team at Blackstar," he said. “I feel that we now have the right set up in place to continue to develop our electric and acoustic guitar offerings and take our UK-based guitar workshop to the next level.”

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