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The best music podcasts for guitarists, producers, drummers, music fans and more

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As much as musicians love music, there are times that we don’t necessarily want to be listening to actual music. Everybody needs a break from time to time. So, what better way is there to have a break from music, than to listen to a bunch of other people talking about music? With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best music podcasts out there right now.

There are podcasts covering anything and everything, but as musicians, producers and performers we’re fortunate in that there are hundreds of amazing pods talking about our favourite subject. And, as music lends itself well to the aural format offered by podcasts, there are some real corkers for you to enjoy. 

Here we have rounded up 10 essential music podcasts, covering music production, performance and a whole load of nerding out over gear. So, grab your phone, stick on some headphones, and let’s begin…

The best music podcasts right now

Chris Corfield

Chris Corfield is a journalist with over 12 years of experience writing for some of the music world's biggest brands including Orange Amplification, MusicRadar, Guitar World Total Guitar and Dawsons Music. Chris loves getting nerdy about everything from guitar gear and synths, to microphones and music production hardware.