Best in drums 2022 - vote now!

Best in Drums 2022
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Another year is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back on the players and hot new drum gear that made a mark in 2022.

The drum landscape continues to evolve at breakneck pace, with constant innovation in the ever more competitive world of electronic percussion, a wider variety of quality and affordable acoustic kits than ever before and a stellar selection of outstanding drum talent at work across the industry. 

We’ve put together shortlists that we believe represent the finest drummers and new gear on offer across the year, but we need your help to select a winner in each category. 

Now, we know music is not about competition – and that any ‘best’ is highly subjective - but we still think this end of year poll is a great way to acknowledge the work of the players and manufacturers that motivate, support and develop your own drumming.

Browse the categories below and place your votes.  

You know what to do… 


Best metal drummer

The range of drumming styles that these drummers cover is incredible, with thrash titans, heavy groovers and experimental types all rubbing shoulders in our poll showdown.

Best rock drummer

This year, we have some returning heavyweights, some posthumous releases from fallen heroes, plus some newcomers never-before featured in our reader polls. 

Drum personality of the year

In the best drum personality, we want to give you a chance to celebrate the players and influencers who have inspired, educated and entertained you across 2022.

Best prog drummer

Masters of the instrument, the best of them construct multi-faceted, dynamic beats that form the basis for musical exploration, while still holding it down and playing with feel.

Best session drummer

Drummers create the bedrock upon which most hit songs are built, and this selection of players are the absolute best in the world at that job. When the mics are on and the track is cued, who has the skills to deliver a clean take? Place your vote below.


Best new cymbals

Every type of drummer had their pick of great cymbals in 2022, once again proving that we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to fantastic gear.

Best new drum kit

The best new drum kit is perhaps the most hard-fought and prestigious of our annual drum awards. Those on the shortlist represent excellent combinations of build quality, value, sound and playability.  

Best new electronic drum gear

With every passing year, the best electronic drum kits grow more powerful, expressive and robust. Our shortlist represents a selection of the finest and most innovative set-ups to hit the shelves this year.

Best new snare drum

The snare drum is the centre of the universe as far as your drum kit is concerned, so choosing the right one can be a difficult task (probably why so many drummers own multiple snares!). 

This year’s best snare drum shortlist highlights just how lucky drummers have it in terms of the range of sizes, materials and styles we have at our disposal. 


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