The best new electronic drum gear of 2022, as voted for by you

Roland SPD-SX Pro
(Image credit: Roland/Future)

Join us for our traditional look back at the stories and features that hit the spot in 2022

Best of 2022: From full electronic drum sets to drum sample pads and software, the electronic area of the drum market is booming, and brimming with new gear to help our practice, performances and recording.

2022 saw a mix of products across the board, and at different price points too. From big names to fast-emerging brands, here's the stuff that got you powered up in 2022.  

1. Roland SPD-SX Pro

The Roland SPD-SX Pro takes the much-loved SPD-SX and gives it an update for right now. With heaps of new features that drummers have been screaming out for - colour-coded LEDs, hi-hat control, step sequencing, and brand new editor app - and more, the SPD-SX Pro claims this year's top spot. 

2. Roland TD-27KV2


(Image credit: Roland)

It's been a big year for Roland, with brand new products and mid-life upgrades to some of its most popular kits. The TD-27KV2 keeps the same digital pads as before, but expands the offering with the VH-14D digital hi-hats, an updated TD-27 module and Roland's latest 'T' profile thin CY-12 C-T and CY-14 C-T crashes to boot!

3. Toontrack EZDrummer 3

Toontrack EZdrummer 3

(Image credit: Toontrack)

OK, OK. Settle down. It's not hardware, but it's on a computer, so close enough to take 3rd spot in your vote. Furthermore, this is an amazing piece of work with loads of songwriting tools, but for drummers it's all about the e-kit integration and sound library captured at Hansa Studios in Berlin. We're excited to see what EZXpansions arrive in the year to come. 

4. Roland VAD507

We love Roland's VAD sets, which give us the form factor and feel of acoustic drums along with the convenience of an electronic kit. For 2022, the VAD 5 series kits got an upgrade with V2 TD-27 module software, new hardware, and most importantly the superb VH-14D hi-hats bringing this even closer to an acoustic kit. 

5. Millenium MPS-1000

Millenium's bang-for-buck approach continued this year with the MPS-1000 kit: acoustic shells with mesh heads for a bargain price. If you're looking for a cut-price acoustic-meets-electric kit, or want to control drum software VSTs for less, this is a great platform.

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