2022 online drum personality of the year, according to you

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Best of 2022: Your thousands of votes have been tallied, and it's time to reveal the movers and shakers making percussive online waves in the world of drums. 

Each and every entrant below is worthy of your respect, admiration and eyeballs; we're in awe of their constant flood of creativity and frankly staggered at the sheer quality and quantity of the work we've enjoyed this year. Most of all, what shines through from every channel and platform dominated by these players and artists is their sheer love of drums and drumming.

So, without further ado, let's kick off with an irrepressible force of nature who has once again ruled the drum space online. Take a bow...

1. 66Samus

Topping your Drum Personality vote for a record third year running, 66Samus shows zero signs of slowing down. On the contrary, his YouTube channel continues to provide a torrent of highly engaging lessons, fascinating track breakdowns, insightful product reviews and good old-fashioned entertainment. 

If you're not already one of the channel's 500k+ subscribers, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to 66Samus's Youtube channel here.

Congratulations (again!) to one of our favourite drum ambassadors, the inestimably creative, engaging and gifted 66Samus!

2. Nandi Bushell

Running 66Samus incredibly close this year, Nandi Bushell's seemingly unstoppable rise to proper global stardom continued apace in 2022.

When she tore up Learn To Fly at the Wembley Taylor Hawkins tribute concert - using sticks given to her by the sadly departed Foo Fighters star - she was introduced by Dave Grohl as "our friend, the coolest fucking drummer in the world. She's the biggest rock star on the bill". Who are we to argue? 

Check out Nandi's YouTube channel and her first fully-fledged single release, The Shadows (above) - which she wrote and on which she plays every instrument - to really understand how gifted a musician we're dealing with here.

3. Stephen Taylor (StephensDrumShed)

As we know, drumming is one of the most accessible and downright fun ways to make music, but it takes a real gift to take that accessibility to another level, empowering drummers of all abilities to develop their skills. 

That's exactly what Stephen Taylor does on a consistent basis. He's a truly inspiring teacher, and his mix of straight-up technique lessons, studies of legendary drummers' styles and practical tips, including plenty of genuinely handy hacks, is well deserving of this top 3 slot.

Check out Stephen Taylor's YouTube channel here.

4. Dorothea Taylor

71-year old Dorothea, 'the grandmother of drumming', has been busy this year (again). Between putting the beatdown on Questlove on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show (above) and producing a ton of ever-engaging lessons on Drumeo, this bonafide master of the rudimentary arts is a shining example of the drumming art and - yes - her chops are second to none.

5. Rick Beato

Rick Beato's musical patch extends well beyond drums - his Everything Music Youtube channel is a fascinating source for breakdowns of every aspect of playing and production - but when he shines a light on the percussive arts, it's always worth watching (and listening to) closely. 

Don't believe us? Check out Rick Beato's Everything Music, and prepare to join his swelling army of over 3 million subscribers.

6. Jared Falk/Dave Atkinson

Let's face it, if you're reading this, you know Drumeo, online home to ringmasters Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson. It's the world's leading online resource for learning the drums, and its ever-growing success is a testament to Falk and Atkinson's inspiring, engaging lessons for players of all levels. 

Leading lessons and curating tuition from some of the planet's greatest drummers, they've inspired a generation of players to pick up sticks and fall in love with the greatest instrument of all.

This year marked Drumeo's 10-year anniversary. Check out Drumeo's YouTube channel for a generous taste of what the full service offers. 

7. RDavidR

David Raouf's fast-growing YouTube channel is at the gonzo end of the drum spectrum, rammed with DIY ventures, drum builds, gear video and unashamed hackery. Never less than entertaining, it's also an inspiring treasure trove of have-a-go projects, off-the-wall tweaks and straight-up practical gear tips.

We love it, and think you will too - check out RdavidR on YouTube today.

8. Austin Ware - thetiktokdrummer


♬ Rolling In The Deep Remix - Austin Ware

If you haven't checked out Austin's tiktokdrummer output, a) where have you been? and b) brace yourself. It's a hyper-high-energy wall of sound, colour, chops and paint. Lots and lots of paint. 

Confused? Head over to thetiktokdrummer for illumination.

9. Rob 'Beatdown' Brown

We'll let you into a secret. Rob 'Beatdown' Brown got this correspondent's 2022 vote for his no-nonsense but always engaging technique tips and lessons. 

A serious player, Rob - without ever dumbing down - effortlessly encourages solid technical progression and, most of all, feel. It's a gift that has continued his own channel's growth and made him increasingly prominent across the drum web, including on tuition behemoth Drumeo.

Check out Rob 'Beatdown' Brown's youtube channel here.

10. Jessica Burdeaux 

Jessica Burdeaux (aka J Burd’s Beats) has had a storming 2022. While her online footprint has gone from strength to strength, this Chicago-based master of the art has also been making strides in the 'real' world. Already an established session and touring drummer, she's currently occupying the hot throne for Math Rock royalty Covet.

Check out J Burds Beats here.

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