Behringer reveals plans for 13 new Eurorack modules

Further to the news that Behringer is fully entering the low-cost Eurorack game, Uli Behringer has once again taken to the Gearslutz forum to throw a bit more light on the subject. 

Not content with entering the market with just a few modules, in the post Uli refers to 13 potential new devices, but insists that not all will be made. However, the MusicTribe firm is open to all suggestions from the public as to which ones they would most like to see.

The M100 Eurorack range of modules is Behringer’s take on the Roland System-100 of old. Roland itself has been revisiting this by way of the System 500 range.

The 13 modules include:

  • 110 VCO/VCF/VCA
  • 112 Dual VCO            
  • 121 Dual VCF     
  • 130 Dual VCA     
  • 131 mixer/oscillator/headphone amp
  • 132 Dual CV/audio mixer & CV generator
  • 140 Dual Envelope/LFO     
  • 150 Ring mod/noise/S&H/LFO
  • 165 Dual portamento controller
  • 172 Phase shifter/audio delay/gate delay/LFO
  • 173 Quad signal gate/patch bay
  • 174 Parametric EQ
  • 182 Analog Sequencer
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