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Bass drum pedal blowout! Save up to $300 on single and double pedals at Walmart

Walmart bass drum pedal deals
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The bass drum pedal is one of the most important parts of your drum kit; it’s the contact point between you and your kick drum. With that in mind, it pays to play one that is responsive, adjustable and built to last through many years of gigging and recording.

What's more, playing the right bass drum pedal can mean the difference between treading water and developing killer technique that could help you nail an audition or smash a session.

Walmart might be able to help. Right now they are offering up to $300 off a range of top kick drum pedals, from Pearl's fantastic P922 Powershifter double pedal, to the formidable Axis X-L single model and DW’s premium engineered MFG MDD pedal. Let's take a look...

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Bass drum pedal blowout!

DW 6000 Series CX Turbo single: $266.99

DW 6000 Series CX Turbo single: $266.99, now $159.99
DW's world-class bass drum pedals are renowned for their build quality and durability. The 6000 Series is no exception and this pedal comes complete with a turbo cam for added speed and power.

Pearl P922 Powershifter double pedal: $387.99

Pearl P922 Powershifter double pedal: $387.99, now $233.99
This single chain double pedal from Pearl features a Linear Action Cam which helps supercharge your speed. Elsewhere, the Powershifter system enables you to fine-tune your set-up with an adjustable three position heel plate.

Axis X-L Longboard X single pedal: $299.99

Axis X-L Longboard X single pedal: $299.99, now $214.99
Known as makers of the fastest pedals on the market, Axis has long been associated with the heavy metal elite, from George Kollias to Tim Yeung. This single model is not only durable, but features a stable platform courtesy of a wide footboard.

Mapex P500TW double pedal: $129.99

Mapex P500TW double pedal: $129.99, now $109.99
This single chain model is an ideal – and affordable – step up for beginner drummers looking to explore the world of double kick drum playing. Spring tension is fully adjustable and the dual-sided beaters delivers two alternate tones.

DW MFGG Machined Double Pedal: $1,299.99

DW MFGG Machined Double Pedal: $1,299.99, now $999.89
The Rolls Royce of bass drum pedals rarely drops below $1,000, but the $300 price reduction on this chain drive model means owning one just became way more realistic. The supreme adjustability of this pedal will do wonders for your technique.

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