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Thomann's back 2 school campaign
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We hate to break it to you but very soon, school's in. Yes, it's time to stock up on protractors and get taught. But cheer up! It's not all algebra, medieval peasantry and bully dodging - it's also the perfect opportunity to start mastering a musical instrument, and Euro gear giant Thomann is here to help, whether you're actually returning to school, or independently beginning (or restarting) your musical learning journey.

Thomann's Back 2 School bonanza, which kicks off today and runs through to 8 September, will be providing tips and support to musical beginners of all ages. 

From extolling the virtues and benefits of mastering any musical instrument, to practical advice on how to get started for both pupils and parents, Thomann's will be unloading a term's worth of helpful info in the next couple of weeks. 

Thomann. Back 2 School

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Keep an eye on Thomann's social media channels, such as Instagram and TikTok, for more inspiration plus a chance to win musical gear and, crucially, to check out the best products for beginners across a wide range of categories and instruments, check out Thomann's dedicated Back 2 School landing page.

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Thomann Back 2 School

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