Audioshake says that its AI-powered stem separation technology is “the best in the industry”

Forget mixing, or even remixing - in 2021 it’s all about demixing/unmixing. OK, we’re being glib, but the truth is that technology that can ‘break apart’ mixed tracks and give you their individual stems is now becoming big business.

The latest player in the game is Audioshake, an AI-powered platform that promises to “open up your music”. 

The whole process is completely automated - just upload a file, select the stems you want and let Audioshake go to work. You’re then presented with the individual stems on a DAW-type interface.

Of course, we’ve seen similar functionality before, but Audioshake believes that its technology is “the best in the industry,” and that it “significantly outperforms all other offerings”.

As things stand, Audioshake can’t be used by just anyone - it’s currently working with rights holders who might not have access to a track’s original stems, and says it’s not going to help people to “rip-off” other artists’ work.

Speaking to our sister site TechRadar, Audioshake co-founder Jessica Powell said: “[We] really wanted to make sure that we respected the artist’s wishes. If they want to break open their songs and find these new ways to monetize them, we want to be there to help them do that. And if they’re not cool with that, we’re not going to be the ones helping someone to break open their work without permission”

“Take Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. We’re not just going to go and pop out a sunflower if you don’t want us to.”

Find out more on the Audioshake website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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