Audiomodern's Loopmix promises to remix your sample library

Audiomodern have a history of developing plugins that act as instant inspiration generators: Playbeat generates drum patterns on the fly, while Riffer spits out improvised melodies, riffs and sequences. Tools like these come in handy when you're stuck in a creative rut, or simply feeling experimental. 

Their latest creation, Loopmix, follows in this tradition. Described as a "creative loop remixer", it's an audio sequencing environment that allows you to create sequenced patchworks out of six loops. Users are able to process each step of each loop within the sequencer, reversing, slicing, or pitch-shifting every snippet individually. The plugin can be controlled via MIDI, and can function as a live performance tool.

As is the case with many of Audiomodern's plugins, parameters can be creatively randomized to produce unexpected and unpredictable results. There's sophisticated controls for tweaking the randomization, enabling you to choose between several algorithms while selectively randomizing specific loops, steps or parameters. 

There's also a Disintegration Mode, which triggers Loopmix to progressively remove steps from the sequencer over the course of a chosen number of bars, and an Infinity Mode, which triggers randomization automatically at the beginning of a specific number of bars

Loopmix comes with 180 built-in presets and 1.6GB of stock sounds, though of course, you're able to throw your own loops into the plugin - and that's where the real fun starts. Chucking in stems from old projects or loops from your existing sample library is a fun way to reuse something old and transform it into something new. We've had a quick mess about with the plugin this afternoon, and almost instantly came up with some new ideas using long-forgotten samples that had been festering on our hard drive. 

Loopmix is available for Mac, PC and iOS in VST, VST3, AAX and AUv3 formats. It'll set you back €49/$49.

If you're curious, check out the video below for a full overview or head on over to Audiomodern's website for a free trial. 

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

I'm the Tech Editor for MusicRadar, working across everything from artist interviews to product news to tech tutorials. I love electronic music and I'm endlessly fascinated by the tools we use to make it. When I'm not behind my laptop keyboard, you'll find me behind a MIDI keyboard, carefully crafting the beginnings of another project that I'll ultimately abandon to the creative graveyard that is my overstuffed hard drive.

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