Akai's 2.10 update brings vocal tuning to MPC users

Akai MPC 2.9 Air Drumsynth
(Image credit: Akai Professional)

Akai has announced what it's describing as "the most significant firmware release" that it's ever delivered, breathing new life into the MPC series of standalone grooveboxes. 

MPC 2.10 is bringing vocal tuning functionality to the MPC, as part of the AIR Vocal Suite. The vocal effects package also contains the AIR Vocal Doubler and the AIR Vocal Harmonizer, both aimed at helping producers amp up their vocal production. 

The firmware update also adds four new plugin instruments, including emulations of the Mellotron, Solina and Arp Odyssey. These are bolstered by the addition of some creative-sounding effects: Diode Clipper, Stutter, Granulator, and the AIR Diffuser Delay, to name a few.

The Akai MPC 2.10 update is available now to download from Akai's website. (opens in new tab) 

Matt Mullen
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