4 incredible new features at London Drum Show 2017

If you’re sat there thinking that if you’ve seen one drum show you’ve seen them all, you obviously haven’t checked out what's going on with this year’s London Drum Show.

As well as an absolutely stellar artist and exhibitor line-up, the show (which takes places at London Olympia on 11 and 12 November), has a few tricks up its sleeve for 2017.

1. Garden Studio and Soundproofing

Up first, we have something for all of you out there who dream of constructing your very own home studio. There will be a team of experts on hand at the London Drum Show’s Garden Studio and Soundproofing feature, ran by Soundproofing Expert. 

These home studio geniuses will be able to answer any questions and help you get fully clued up when it comes to how to turn your old shed/garage/spare room into an almighty drum cave. Even better, they’ll tell you how to do all of this without upsetting your neighbours.

2. Vintage Drum Showcase

Beamed directly from the pages of Rhythm magazine’s Vintage gear pages, we present to you the DrumAttic Vintage Drum Showcase. Visitors there will find an array of beautiful kits from down the years. 

We’re talking gems from Slingerland, Sonor and more. Even better, you ca get your hands on these iconic kits and play them for yourself at the show!

3. Free drum lessons!

Who says you don’t get anything for free these days? At this year’s London Drum Show free drum lessons will be available for players of all ages and abilities.

Step into the Icons Gallery and you will see stunning drumming photography from David Phillips. David knows a thing or two about capturing killer shots, as he is the man behind the A Drummer’s Perspective and From The Riser books (both of which received rave reviews in Rhythm, you may remember). And it’s not just Rhythm that loves David’s work, even prog god Neil Peart is a fan, having provided the foreword to From The Riser.

For a full details and updates on all things London Drum Show keep an eye on www.londondrumshow.com. That is also the place to order your tickets for London Drum Show 2017. Day and full weekend tickets are available, priced between £15 and £32.50.


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