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30% off MXR’s limited edition Dookie V2 overdrive pedal is a Black Friday bargain for Green Day fans

30% off MXR’s limited edition Dookie V2 overdrive pedal is a Black Friday bargain for Green Day fans
(Image credit: MXR)

The great thing about Black Friday guitar deals is how they unearth gear that you might have passed over, or thought you missed the boat on. Not only that, but it gives you a second bite of the cherry for less, which we think applies to this fantastic 30% off deal on the MXR DD25V2 Dookie drive pedal, available right now in the Sam Ash Black Friday presale.

When MXR announced that they were working with Billie Joe Armstrong to create an overdrive pedal that not only captured the guitar sound of Green Day’s seminal major label debut, Dookie, but also featured graphics from the album cover, 30-40 somethings across the globe got very excited. They also got a little less excited when they realised that this baby was priced for executive pop-punks only. 

So, with over $80 (30%) off, this V2 Dookie Drive checks the right boxes visually and financially. But what about the sound? Billie Joe Armstrong used a pair of amps blended to create the chunky, rich crunch and distorted tones on the album, and MXR borrowed them both to get the sound just-so with the Dookie Drive.

MXR DD25V2 Dookie Drive V2: Was $271.41, now $189.99
Bag one of the most iconic alternative guitar tones of the ’90s, complete with an awesome Dookie album cover graphic finish for 30% less with this deal at Sam Ash. Designed to replicate the sound of Billie Joe Armstrong’s dual-amp guitar sound on Dookie, the Dookie Drive lets you blend between the two ‘amps’, and also includes a master Scoop button for further tonal shifting. Don’t delay, we don’t know when it’ll come around again.View Deal

Here, you get the sound of the fully saturated scooped amp, plus the midrange punch of the less-driven second amp. A blend control lets you dial in your preferred ratio of each, plus there are the usual tone, level and gain controls and a global ‘scoop’ button to add further cut to the mids.

This pedal is sure to fly off the shelves at this price, so get yourself a collectible tone machine for less now!

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