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Learn 7 jazzy extended guitar chords and use them in our lesson

Julian Lage
(Image credit: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Guitar lessons: Here we're using more complex sounding chords to outline jazz style melodies that are great for acoustic and electric guitar players. These shapes all lend themselves nicely to jazz thanks to their complex sounds. 

Diminished 7th chords sound great as passing chords – slightly dissonant shapes you’ll land on briefly to help outline a more definite chord change. They’re also ‘symmetrical’ – simply move any dim7 shape up three frets and you’ll have an inversion of the same chord. You’ll have the same notes, but in a different order. 


(Image credit: Future)


(Image credit: Future)

Tone tips: Looking at two of the jazz greats, Joe Pass’s guitar tones are generally pretty warm and bassy, so roll off the treble and raise the bass a touch. George Benson-style tones are more ‘modern’, with more treble, compression and reverb.

(Image credit: Future)

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