Guitar lesson: Learn Eddie Van Halen-style tapping the easy way

(Image credit: Lynn Goldsmith / Getty)

Guitar skills: Taking inspiration from rock guitar legend Eddie Van Halen we’re using a technique known as tapping. The idea is to use a finger on your picking hand to hammer down onto a fretted note, instead of using the pick itself.

Follow up a tapped note with hammer-ons and pull-offs and you have a surprisingly easy way to play flash-sounding lead lines. 

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Our tapped line is really easy. The circled note is a tap; follow this by pulling your tapping finger away to reveal a 5th fret note; finish with a hammer-on to the 8th fret.

(Image credit: Future)

You’ll be playing almost the same thing again here, just at the 4th and 7th frets. Use either your first and third or first and fourth fingers.


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