Take in the trash: check out some leading cymbal stacks, plus how to make your own

The origins of cymbal stacking - basically putting two (or more) cymbals together on one stand - are shrouded in internet chat mystery, but there's zero doubt that they've exploded in popularity in the last few years.


They're a fantastic way of adding new textures to your playing and grooves, either as standalone FX or as an alternative time-keeping element.  But where to start?

Happily, Thomann's Drum Bash team has produced a top-level run-through of some current out-of-the-box stacks, plus some quick tips on building your own, um, power tower.

Generally, apart from that alluring trashiness, stacks will produce a vicious attack and fast decay, but as you can see that's far from the full extent of your options, and experimenting with whatever metals you have to hand is fun and easy.

If Drum Bash has inspired you to explore the world of cymbal stacking and you want some more inspiration, you could do a lot worse than check out Siros Vaziri's epic deep dive through a myriad of configurations below.

Most importantly, have fun exploring different blends, and if it sounds right to you, go for it!

Will Groves

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